Lynda jacobsen

Lynda is the Administration Manager and tech support.

gordon hamilton

Gordon is the Designer and Engineer of the Enviropod range 

About our company

  • Individual Homes
  • Housing Complexes
  • Building Permits
  • Corporate and Personal Designs
  • Short sale contracts
  • Summer homes

ron jacobsen

Ron is the International Marketing Director and will take your ideas to the next level

our international team

Welcome, the team of the Enviropod International Group would like to present to you the most unique range of transportable buildings for a wide number of end users.  Founded in 2012, The Enviropod International Group was the result of several years of design and development by Gordon Hamilton (ex Real Estate Agent) and his commitment to developing a unique transportable building system that can be transported and erected virtually anywhere within a very short time frame. Each Enviropod building has a 8.5 to 9.5 Green Star Rating, with the ability to offer up to category 5 - Hurricane standards. The Enviropod range offers a multitude of designs that can support a wide range of end users.


Our australian team


Sean is based in Pennsylvania, and is our USA representative.