Health Care clinic's have been designed to facilitate the need for medical services within remote regions. Each complete centre, will accommodate up to 30 patients at a time, will have living quarters for Nurses and Doctors and will be enclosed within a secured compound for medical emergency outbreaks. Each centre, will house state of the art communication equipment provided by Xg Technology, be powered by solar and wind power systems with back up emergency generators, and will house portable communication equipment to allow for staff to attend medical emergencies within the field. The xMax Telemedicine Equipment, will allow for doctors and nurses to send and receive real time communication (audio & visual) with a mainland hospital that may save the life of a patient on the ground.For more information on these items, please contact our offices.


Each Enviropod home design, is formulated to be easily assembled in a very short time frame, in most locations with minimal building equipment and expertise required. Each design, can offer a range of internal configurations and are made from the highest Green Star rated components. In Hurricane prone regions, each Enviropod design can be constructed to withstand wind formations up to category 5. The Enviropod portablity and ease of essembly, make it a perfect building format for natural disaster stricken world regions, to quickly provide complete functional shelter to the left - homeless. Each Enviropod building, can be totally self sufficient with solar, water storage and sewage.   

For information on the interior design of these accommodation buildings and homes please contact our office.

The school design has been prepared for a number of remote locations throughout the varied provinces of PNG (Papua New Guinea) Each of these schools are designed to house 40 to 50 children during school hours, with teacher quarters, an Art/Recreational Room, an assembly hall and a Nurses/Sick bay room. Each Building will have a communications area with state of the art equipment provided by Xg Technology to allow for better visual learning procedures to be viewed within each class room and for special events that are taking place within each of the applicable cities. Each school will be powered by Solar and Wind power devices and will be secured within a perimeter enclosure that houses advanced security technology, Each school will be located 1/4 to 1/2 Klm away from the Health Care Centres.For more information on these projects, please contact our offices.