A versatile corporate leader, with 40 years of extensive experience in organisational aspects of, manufacture, marketing, promotion, staff training and development relating to each project.  A person that will add real value to the organizational aspects of each chosen development. Ron is a dedicated worker with extensive travel experience across the North American region along with selected Asian countries. Ron is very efficient in customer relations and the procurement of relevant corporate and public events.  


·         Supervisory / Leadership skills

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·         Strong organisational and problem solving skills

·         Prioritising and delivering on deadlines

·         The ability to keep information confidential

·         The ability to relate to people from a range of cultures

·         Extensive experience in Marketing, Sales (both national and international), product design, event co-ordination, staff acquisition and training

Ron is known as someone who adds real value to each project & establishment that he is a part of and has the ability to resolve situations within the field providing a smoother completion of each project & development.  Ron has exceptional customer service ability to provide assurance to each and every client of quality in each product and development he is a part of. His attention to detail in all areas of presentation & design provides the end consumer with the assurance of quality.

Currently, Ron is the designer and developer of the Mavoa, Skin & Wound care range of products that are produced within Australia and are formulated utilizing all natural ingredients. Each of these unique products have been the development of several years of research and are produced within a licenced TGA & FDA premises. For more information on this range, please refer to the relevant websites.  

Ron is also the international marketing director for the Enviropod range of homes, that are produced within Australia and are hurricane rated up to category 5, with a 8.5 to 9 Green star rating. 

Ron was asked to present a range of uniquely designed – Australian Made Drum Furniture (made from recycled 44-gallon drums and materials) to a wide cross section of the Australian public, via a diverse amount of public, trade, commercial shows & events nationwide. The range also won a number of awards for its unique & diverse design. The range has been featured on many television talk shows, radio, and within several magazines. Ron has also been a Board member for ACR Pty Ltd, Navy Pty Ltd and Hiddee Safe Pty Ltd in Australia.

For more background information, please request a full resume.