The lake Nagambie development is within a small Victorian country town, that is situated 150km Northwest of Melbourne, and is surrounded by natural bushland. The man made lake has wonderful recreational activities for many families. The project will entail 14 buildings that are designed to be used for commercial and residential use, this development is on a parcel of land that is situated within the central district of the Nagambie township, opposite the recreational lake.  This project is an ongoing development with many structures already built and leased.

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The Enviropod remote Health Clinic program, has been designed to provide a range of portable health centres that will be located throughout the World. Each clinic will provide state of the art equipment for a range of medical emergencies, as well as provide services to many of the locals for every day programs for better health description and understanding. Each centre will also house specially designed communication equipment that can provide continued communications (visual, audio, & text) with all of the centralised main hospitals (located in central cities) and provide field communications for medical staff that have to attend an emergency out side of the compound. Each of these centre's will be totally off the Grid with their own source of Power, Water, Sewage and security systems that will allow them to maintain a continued presence within that community. Each centre will also provide a complete Visual learning program to provide the locals with greater understanding of their rights and ability to provide a better life for all of their families and fellow community.

The Enviropod Group has also designed a Telemedicine Health Care Clinic that can be assembled within rural areas around the globe in a very short time frame to accommodate the medical needs of small communities and evaluate each regions requirements.

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The team at Kialla One planet Community (KOPC) would like to welcome you to the world's first fully sustainable, environmentally friendly Enviropod tm Village. Here at KOPC you will discover a different way of living - without sacrificing comfort or quality. You will enjoy the latest in mod cons - but still feel close to the natural wonders of this nation.

KOPC is a sustainable village - sustainability can be defined as "living within your means and taking responsibility for what you consume" - that is why our whole community is generating our own power and water, growing our own food and living a Healthy, Comfortable life. Vegie Gardens, Orchards, Chook/chicken runs, Fish ponds, Worm farms and a range of our own cattle & sheep will also be available on KOPC.

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Welcome to the Shoreham Shopping Centre  and Accommodation development.  

The Shoreham centre is located South East of Melbourne Victoria, and is surrounded by beautiful natural bush land settings with views back over the bay. The two story centre houses a combination of Accommodation, Restaurant, retail shops, offices, a centre display court, a post office and an information centre for tourists visiting the area. The centre's landscaping depicts all of the local natural flora, providing a relaxing tranquil feeling for all visitors. 

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The Bendigo apartment/housing development was built in Kangaroo Flat, over 10 years ago. A suburb within the northwest township of Bendigo, Victoria. This development was designed to show the new styling of stackable housing, that offered a diverse array of interior finishings, with all sustainable living aspects, that encompassed Solar power grids for each unit, with water storage tanks, and a septic tank system that provided the entire complex to be ran when required, off the grid. The buildings were also designed to house vehicle storage underneath as well as space for additional storage.