A true visionary and innovator, Gordon Hamilton the inventor of the Enviropod Building System, recognised the global need for affordable and sustainable housing long before others caught on.

Mr Hamilton’s journey began as a farmer who weathered the challenges of a crippling drought in Southern Australia in the 1900’s. However, his determination and resourcefulness lead him to become a leading figure in the Emu oil refining industry. The success of this venture showcased his ability to adapt and excel in the time of adversity.

Driven by his innate creativity and passion, the father of three redirected his talents towards developing an innovating housing system some 15 years ago. Despite lacking formal training as a builder, his unwavering determination to be able to construct his own home propelled him to create the Enviropod Building System. This ground-breaking model offers affordability, portability, reusability and sustainability all while being constructed of world quality Australian steel by unskilled labour under supervision.

Through his pioneering work, Mr Hamilton has not only transformed the way we think about housing he is now empowering individuals and communities with an accessible, affordable and environmentally conscious building solution.