mining projects


The Enviropod mining designs, provide a wide range of specific configurations, for each mining group. Each design, enables  the mining company to transport the entire camp to a number of locations within a very short time frame, without requiring additional components. The Enviropod designed mining pods, provides each worker with a sense of security and comfortability that they would find in their own home. Each Enviropod design can also reduce the need for extensive heating and cooling devises due to the insulation factor of each building. Each Enviropod structure can be erected within a short time frame, either left on the ground or  easily elevated to provide further storage areas underneath on concrete pillions. At the end of each project, the mining company (should it not be establishing a new project within the same area) can offer each worker and or the local community the opportunity to purchase the Enviropod structures for their own use, at a very attractive price structure that will  provide the company the ability to recoup all of its original outlay. All Enviropod designs are 8.5/9.0 Green star rated and house a hurricane rating - up to category 5. 

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